In Memory of Kobe Bryant

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I’m still in shocked in the recent passing of Kobe Bryant. I admired his skill as an opponent when he played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. It took me time to give him the respect he deserved. It was at the end of his career, it’s when I learned more about his “Mamba Mentality”. […]

Field Trip: CNE Gaming Garage

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I haven’t been to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto in a very long time. So I decided to go this year, but not just for the outrageous junk food. I wanted to see the Gaming Garage. It actually started a few years previously, but this seems to be growing in popularity, and I […]

Introducing Rewind 88

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After a very long time, I had the itch to get back to making t-shirt designs. However I didn’t want to make one-off designs and focus in a new theme. Rewind 88 celebrates my love of Saturday mornings during the 1980’s. A time where you could sit down early mornings with a bowl of cereal […]