Introducing Rewind 88

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After a very long time, I had the itch to get back to making t-shirt designs. However I didn’t want to make one-off designs and focus in a new theme. Rewind 88 celebrates my love of Saturday mornings during the 1980’s. A time where you could sit down early mornings with a bowl of cereal […]

Be Our Guest : Issues With

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As many long time Toronto Raptor fans since day 1, I finally got the chance to see them win their 1st NBA Championship. So after the final buzzer went off, I wanted to immediately purchase some NBA Champions merchandise. My regret during the 1992-1993 World Series championship run of the Toronto Blue Jays, I don’t […]

How Rude! – Defensive Design In Canada

Posted Posted in News, The UX Files I had never heard of the concept of “Defensive Design” before. When I read this article I could not comprehend why people would go through this much effort, to self destruct their own design work. The park bench should be able to accommodate anyone who would like to sit outside. When I saw the […]

Response Matters: TTC Emergency Button

Posted Posted in News, The UX Files I came across this interesting article on CBC news discussing the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) reviewing their emergency push button talk system. My initial reaction to the headline was of course emergency systems should be reviewed. However it was a design flaw in the emergency system that neglected an important element in user experience; […]

The Shot from The Klaw

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In celebration of last night’s win in game 7 of the Toronto Raptors versus the Philadelphia 76ers. I designed this mashup of Kawhi Leonard’s nickname “The Klaw” with a touch of Disney’s Pixar Toy Story. I’ll never get tired of watching this shot. However watching the game live, my heart did skip a few beats. […]