Who knew that my real love for drawing started from tracing art of Raphael. Not the Renaissance painter, but rather the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. From there I jumped backwards into my childhood life of things I loved. Drawing Star Wars, Transformers, The Simpsons, Disney & Warner Bros. characters.

Leap ahead came the love for video games and comics. This lead to more inspirations to drawing and refining my art skills. In high school I became “The Art Guy”. A role I relished during class projects.

During my years of Sheridan and George Brown College, I became more of a sketch master to eventually  brainstormer. Learning to think outside the box, approach the problem in a new direction, and not accepting for the status quo. Executing a perfect design required multiple revisions.  Advertising was something I started learn the nuance and skill of designing the ad campaign and message for a brand.

My years of working in house and freelancing opportunities, has let me experience working for a variety of clients, needing my services. I love working within a collaborative work environment.  

As I look towards the future of emerging technologies in web, mobile, AR/VR, AI, and voice, I am looking to position myself better as a UX & UI designer. I have taken courses and workshops by RED Academy, General Assembly, MaRS, and feel ready for this new path.  I’m always willing to help others with the knowledge I’ve learned, and I love seeing others succeed under my coaching and guidance.

I enjoy learning and tasting new foods and cooking as well. I’m tuning into my daily podcasts or listening to an audiobook. Taking in workshops and meetups for the things I love and continue to learn, such as 3D modeling and animation.

  Download PDF version of my resumé