In Memory of Kobe Bryant

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I’m still in shocked in the recent passing of Kobe Bryant. I admired his skill as an opponent when he played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. It took me time to give him the respect he deserved. It was at the end of his career, it’s when I learned more about his “Mamba Mentality”. […]

Be Our Guest : Issues With

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As many long time Toronto Raptor fans since day 1, I finally got the chance to see them win their 1st NBA Championship. So after the final buzzer went off, I wanted to immediately purchase some NBA Champions merchandise. My regret during the 1992-1993 World Series championship run of the Toronto Blue Jays, I don’t […]

The Shot from The Klaw

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In celebration of last night’s win in game 7 of the Toronto Raptors versus the Philadelphia 76ers. I designed this mashup of Kawhi Leonard’s nickname “The Klaw” with a touch of Disney’s Pixar Toy Story. I’ll never get tired of watching this shot. However watching the game live, my heart did skip a few beats. […]

Golden State Voltron

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Been following the NBA Free Agency lately to see what my Toronto Raptors will do anything. Glad LeBron James left the Eastern Conference, maybe the Raptors have a chance. Then there’s Golden State just absolutely stocking up non-stop with a starting 5 of All-Stars Steph Curry Kevin Durrant Draymond Green Klay Thompson DeMarcus Cousins They […]