UX Design Case Studies

SceneScout - Travel Mobile App

SceneScout is a mobile app designed to help tourists and locals of the vast sights of interests, featured in many film & tv productions. 

Globall - Baseball Hack Day 2018

Created during Baseball Hack Day 2018, Globall is a web service that helps promote awareness of where past and present Major League Baseball players have come from.

MyKZ - Game Mobile App

MyKZ aims to help gamers engage more with the Killzone series. Using the gamification of the Valor currency and emerging markets, developer Guerrilla Games could continue to keep their series flourishing.

PlayStation Compass - App Feature

PlayStation Compass is a feature aimed to help users in the PlayStation ecosystem, to discover and curate their expanding personal library of games.

Session - Healthy Lifestyle App

Inspired by a design challenge, Session is described as a minimal meditation app. Exploring the teachings of chakra balance and deep meditation, in a dark room environment. Session aims to relax users from a constant screen time lifestyle.