A Little Renovation Of The Website


Hi all,

You might notice a few differences on my website. I attended a Schoolism workshop (which I’ll elaborate in a future post) and showed my portfolio to some fellow artists.

The feedback was very positive and a few people in the industry gave me some ideas to incorporate into my website. It wasn’t an extensive laundry list of an overhaul, just a few cosmetic changes.

Key highlights include:

  • New WordPress theme
  • Cleaner top mast header image
  • About and Resumé page merged
  • New Projects menu section
  • New Work menu section
  • Purging of portfolio pieces
  • Reduction of sample sizes in Work section
  • Shop is now Society6 centric only
  • Flickr social account created

I think that sums up the bulk of the changes. Thanks for your patience and support this past few days.


Note: I like to use pictures of Devastator from Transformers to indicate I’m doing some constructing or maintenance on the website 🙂