Beam Me Up Sunita : The Star Trek Animated Series Project

Star Trek The Animated Series

This project was a lot of fun to do. I’ve done caricatures in the past as quick doodles in school, to full fledge illustrations. However this request what a challenge but I was ready to tackle it on.

The story goes my friends Momin and Pamela wanted to surprise Pamela’s sister, Sunita with a Star Trek themed caricature/illustration for her birthday. Sunita is a big Star Trek fan. I figured I was going to just draw her in a red suit on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Not exactly. The special request was to draw her in the style of the Star Trek Animated Series. Challenge accepted.

I proceeded to watch clips on YouTube and look for old character model sheets to see how they drew the characters on the cartoon series. Once I knew the style of how the women were draw on the show, I applied that drawing Sunita. I gave her the outfit you’d normally see Uhura wear on bridge of the Enterprise. Sunita’s favourite characters were Kirk, Spock, and Bones. So I added them to the bridge scene. Posing the characters while matching the art style took some time. Getting that sly smirk on Captain Kirk checking out Sunita was hilarious.

Creating the background, mid ground, and chair was done in separate layers in Adobe Photoshop. Doing the character drawings was also in Photoshop utilizing freehand sketching on my Cintiq. I also used some new ink brushes I purchased from renowned Photoshop brush specialist Kyle T. Webster. Definitely check out his stuff if you’re looking to build your brush set.

There was a lot of layer group management and reference matching and colour swatches, I was happy how it all came together. So was Sunita as displayed in this photo below. Thank you Pamela and Momin for giving me a chance to work on this commission.

The Reaction