Capturing The Appocalypse : The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

I’m always adding to my personal library of art books to improve my skill sets, as well as to inspire me in my creativity. One of those books recently was The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn. Ironically I bought the book before the video game was released. So to avoid spoilers I didn’t read or flip through it until I finished playing the game.

92 hours later….

Yes that’s how much time I dedicated to exploring this video game. I didn’t play anything else, just an hour here and there and I must say this game delivers on all aspects. It’s a great role playing adventure game on Sony PlayStation 4. Developed by Guerrilla Games famous for their Killzone series, this is a big departure from a future militaristic shooter. Guerrilla has now created this open world post-post apocalyptic world where a civilization of various tribes fight giant robotic creatures. All through the eyes of the character Aloy (voiced by Ashly Burch), you learn to piece together her journey through this world. The thing I love about Guerilla Games is how they create their visual design for the game series. It’s like they run an in-house creative agency dedicated to the brand of one game. You can also see this in their other art book, Killzone Visual Design. As a graphic designer, I have a fondness for this kind of art direction. Maybe one day I can work with the likes of Guerrilla. 🙂

One of the biggest trends in video games these days are the inclusion of “Photo Modes” where you can pause the gameplay and move the in game camera and adjust the photographic settings to create some brilliant digital photographic imagery.

I recently participated in a Facebook community challenge hosted by Guerrilla Games, to showcase some of the digital photography you can take. While I wasn’t chosen as winner, I thought I’d share some of my photos here.

I look forward to playing some more of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the news of The Frozen Wilds expansion coming later this year, and hopefully get the platinum trophy. If you are a gamer just like me, I encourage you to pick this game up and give it try. Recently I also watched this documentary from the Netherlands (where Guerrilla Games is based) on the creation of Horizon Zero Dawn. You don’t get to see documentaries of this kind of the creation of video game. I found it quite fascinating and inspiring as well.

One of my favourite illustrators Loish, worked on Horizon Zero Dawn.  There’s such a big art community whether its fan art, and cosplay that’s been inspired by the adventures of Aloy. I have some in the works, but I’m not really to show them as of yet. I will post updates when they are ready.