Cool Concept 5

I came across this meetup series organized in Toronto called Cool Concept. I finally had a chance to attend one to see what the event was all about. Cool Concept is developed by Toronto Design Directory’s Margot Trudell. I actually met her for the first time during an Adobe XD Creative Jam to learn about what she was developing. Basically Cool Concept is a talk series of people in the advertising and design industry in Toronto showcasing their personal projects, not related to their daily work. 

This event was held at Shopify’s downtown Toronto offices. I have been fortunate to visit this office multiple times. I believe it’s one of the best offices I’ve been to in Toronto. I was introduce to three unique creatives: Jennifer Phelan, Emily May Rose, and Dominic Ayre.

Jennifer discussed her work as a children’s book illustrator. She worked on a beloved adaption of a Canadian animation classic “The Logdriver’s Waltz”. Emily showed off her series of murals featuring raccoons. They’re so playful in these grungy environments. Dominic’s Do Not Xray zine series is a combination of design and love of house music. I really want to explore the zine format since I learned more about it at TCAF 2019 for another project. All in all, this was a great night to just keep invigorated with your own work. It’s inspiring to see what everyone is up to in the design industry, when its not client work. I hope to visit future talks when I can.