How I Spent My Covid-19 Isolation

The world changed overnight in March. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I was scrambling to look for work. It’s hard to be patient when suddenly you’re caught in a hiring freeze. Yes, most of the work I do could be done remotely.  However finding opportunities online were drying up or roles were in limbo. So it was a matter now of using my time to learn and position my skills once Covid-19 had past. Here are a list of work projects.

3DP Taskforce

Helping out my community in need during COVID, while learning a new skill set for a bootstrap project.

3DP Taskforce - Projects

After my volunteer involvement, I got inspired to create some prototypes to take the initiative further.

Remote Design Week

Remote Design Week

With so many designers and workers looking for opportunities in a pandemic, Design X Community stepped up to launch an online conference.

Celia Hodent - Game UX

Celia Hodent / Game UX

Lightning in a bottle struck. When one of the game industry’s respected names offers up free webinars, I seized the opportunity.

Elevate Live - Main Stage Talk Series

Elevate Live

Getting inspired and learning how businesses are coping with Covid, Elevate offered some free guest talks during my lunchtime.

Schoolism - Education Evolved


I was already sold on the service. Now I’m back to learn more digital painting from one the of bests out there.

Learn Squared

A few companies started to offer online teaching courses for free for a couple of months. I wanted to learn some UI Design from someone’s work I’ve liked for a while.

Adobe XD Community

Adobe XD

The Adobe community team have been really out there promoting some great workshops that were centric on Adobe XD. I took advantage of that.

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation

I asked my professional network, how can I keep my UX skills sharp, as well as learn other developing tech areas to compliment this. IDF came up a couple of times during some conversations.

Canadian Shield - Covid19 Cloth Masks

Covid Masks

We needed some face masks. Handcrafted ones have some drawbacks because they don’t accommodate some details.

Grocery Shopping

Our family decided to do grocery shopping online for the first time during Covid. The process has its perks and issues to resolve.



To offset food availability, we decided to try a grocery subscription service. It’s produced some great results, in terms of flavour and photography.

Home Depot

Curbside Pickup

Retailers are adapting to a COVID world of point of sale and transactions. Here’s how it went this summer with Home Depot.

Kim's Convenience

Using Procreate to develop some new illustration styles while binging one of my all-time favourite Canadian TV series.

Games For Change

 Learning about accessibility and empathy with some of the brightest minds in game development online.

GDC Summer 2020

One of the premier gaming conferences opened up an online version to take part in. Building upon my Game UX knowledge benefited from this opportunity.

PlayStation Accessibility Controller

PAC - Accessibility

What would an adaptive controller look like for the PlayStation ecosystem? I decided to tackle this idea that’s been gaining momentum in the game accessibility forum.

Days Gone UX

Crafting management

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order UX


Predator Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds UX

From Beta to Final release; a comparative analysis.

Shopify UX

Learning the platform, developing my side hustle to the next step.

Wacom At Home Webinar Series

Wacom Webinars Series

A series of instructional webinars and hearing from one of the best creative minds right now in the animation industry.

Linkedin Learning AR VR Unreal Engine 4

VR AR & Unreal4

Taking an interest to the next step in AR VR development, by learning a game engine. As well as being inspired by a television show.

Treehouse Festival

Treehouse Festival

Taking an opportunity to learn from an online conference and taking in some courses on UX design and web accessibility.

5 to 9 Conference

5to9 Conference

 Another Design X Community event. This time it was a focus on side ventures in your off time. Designers all have sort of passion project, and I wanted to learn new ways of handling it.

Lightbox Expo 2020

Lightbox Expo

Created by Bobby Chui of Schoolism, this conference brings the best artists in the concept art industry under one roof. I would love to go in person, but an online version will gladly do.

Pickering Community Banners

An opportunity to heighten the spirits of my city. An avenue to showcase my illustration work publicly.

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

An opportunity to learn design thinking approach, from one of the most successful companies out there.

GAConf - Game Accessibility Conference - IGDA GASIG

#GAConf 2020

Broadening my knowledge on game accessibility in an online conference. Fascinated to learn the approach taken from some of my favourite game developers.

Animex 2020

Animex 2020

A spur on a moment suggestion from a friend. Managed to hear some great talks for some top game developers, as well as film and tv studios.

Adobe Max 2020

Adobe Max 2020

3 Days of creativity and learning about new featuring coming to the Adobe Creative Cloud of applications.

#a11yTO Gaming 2020

My second year attending. This year was online but didn’t stop sharing the advances in gaming accessibility.