Introducing Da Fossilz

Da Fossilz - Character Image
Da Fossilz – Clockwise Top Left – Tera Wings, Queen Bronze, Steg Master Russ, B.C. Tops , Rap-T, Liz Rock-E

Introducing Da Fossilz. My first foray into the world of designing colouring books. It will definitely not be the last one. Da Fossilz came about from an idea during my time dealing with Covid isolation. I was reading about hip-hop culture and dinosaurs recently. I also came across friends doing colouring activities with their children. So I decided to mash it up and started playing with the idea of making actual characters. I’m still ironing out the story details and rounding out the character designs. I decided to see the interest of starting off with a small colouring book preview. The plan is to create a larger coloring book with more pages. The preview edition is available for free, but you’re welcome to pay what you want. The money would go towards supporting my plans I have to keep developing Da Fossilz. Be sure to follow the @dafossilz on Instagram and use the hashtag #dafossilz when you post your colouring pages. Thank you all for your support. 


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