Designers & Coffee – Design Review Night

In my journey to learn more about UX and UI design, I have it my goal to keep creating case studies and attending hackathons to build up my portfolio. However I lacked the constructive feedback and having a chance to showcase and present what I’ve done. Thankfully Designers & Coffee created a meetup to for design reviews. This night we gathered at OANDA office in Toronto. We did a rotating setup of presenting at separate tables. That was something I learned from previous hackathons that do the “science fair” presentation style. 

It was great to not only receive feedback on where I needed to go with my portfolio, but to offer my experience to others in the same boat as myself. When it comes to UX and UI, I’m the experienced graphic designer looking to transition. Where as a lot of younger people are coming without the design background and are fresh out of a UX bootcamp. It was great to share as well how each one is experiencing the bootcamp scene.