Field Trip : Adobe Creative Jam – XD and Behance

During my college days I took every advantage in attending free workshops done by Adobe Software. It was a way to keep up to date with the new software that I’m likely going to be using for the rest of my life. I picked up some tricks of the trade and it opened my eyes to what was possible with the vast collection of Adobe software.

Fast forward to 2017, and I saw that Adobe was hosting a local event in Toronto and I thought I’d check it out. Recently Adobe released an update to Creative Cloud 2018, and finally took Adobe XD out of beta. XD is a program I’m interested in learning. I’m trying to learn more about UI and UX design so adding XD into my skill set feels like a benefit.

The Creative Jam was a focus on Adobe XD and offered up an Adobe XD type “hack-a-thon”, where groups of designers had 3 hours to prototype an app/service around a centralized theme. Tonight’s theme was revolving around “MAGIC”. After the 3 hours were up, the teams had to present their app pitch to the group and how the interaction would work. Seeing the different groups pitch their prototypes were interesting and very hilarious about magic in general. We were also treated to 3 presentations representing design studios/individuals working with UI UX.

Prior to the Creative Jam for Adobe XD, I got partake in some Behance Portfolio reviews with some art directors from Toronto. While I didn’t have UI UX designs ready, they were impressed with some of my work. However the feedback they provided me really opened my eyes and to really reconsider some things for my website in the future.

Below are some images taken from the Creative Jam, please enjoy.