Field Trip : An Inspirational Evening With Kevin Smith

When I decided to take my brother to go see An Evening with Kevin Smith, I didn’t expect to leave gushing with inspiration. Yet somehow the words of Kevin managed to get to me.

I have the pleasure of seeing An Evening with Kevin Smith many years ago with some friends at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. It was later featured on old of his comedy DVDs. Unfortunately they blurred out the audience so I couldn’t look for my self in the background.

If you’re not familiar with Kevin Smith he’s more than an independent filmmaker. He’s written stories for comic books, has done interviews, he hosts podcasts, he stars on the hit TV show on AMC Comic Book Men, he’s also directed episodes of CW’s The Flash and Supergirl. Did I mention he’s a fan of hockey and Degrassi Junior High?

With his comedy shows you pretty much hear the bizarre behind the scenes stories of Kevin’s life. You’ll hear about the time he worked with Prince, his feud with Bruce Willis, or the crazy movie producers behind Superman. There are many stories hear about. Thankfully this time I attended there wasn’t much of a retread of stories I heard.

However it’s the way Kevin ended the night, that I was fortunate to record this parting message. I wanted to share with you all because it gives me hope that I create something amazing and that I can share with you all one day. Apologies for the image quality but there’s some coarse language that maybe NSFW. Please enjoy.