Field Trip : Art for the People by Justin Bua

The first time I was aware of and became a fan of Justin Bua, is when I saw the cover of EA’s NFL Street for PlayStation 2. I don’t like football in general, but I loved this illustrative style of painting. I eventually learned more about Justin Bua when I picked up one of his art books “The Beat of Urban Art” by chance at a sidewalk sale in Toronto. There I learned more about the subject matter he painted, his love for hip-hop culture, and admiration of painting the legends of rap music.  Years later I heard Justin was coming to Toronto for an art show and he was going to have an exhibit. He was showcasing more of the paintings for sale, but I got to speak with him and to pick up a personal autographed copy of The Legends of Hip Hop art book.

Justin recently did another art show in Toronto back in October at the Addisons Residences where he was showing new work. Prior to this event I have been following him on social media. He was recently doing live critiques of people’s artwork and he’d give his feedback in the comments. Some people weren’t taking the opportunity seriously. However I wanted to show my recent work I did of Prince, because I knew he had worked on an art piece of Prince.  He was amazed. He loved it very much and gave me some valuable tips on how I can improve on my future illustrations.

I was waiting in line to meet him again to have him sign one of the last copies of Michael Jackson he had painted but to thank him again in person for his recent social media critique. I appreciate any help from an artist, and I always look for a way to give back whenever I can. You can check out Justin’s work over here.