Field Trip : Doors Open 2018 – Ubisoft Toronto Motion Capture Studio

On May 27th, my brother and I took part in Doors Open Toronto. It’s an initiative by the city of Toronto to open up spaces for tours, that are not readily available to public access. This year Ubisoft Toronto opened up their studio for a tour. Well not exactly the entire studio, we did get to see in person their state-of-the-art motion capture studio. It was pretty impressive to see all the motion tracking cameras and the live video feeds that they record for acting sessions. The actors and production team demonstrated how it’s done using assets from their upcoming game; Starlink : Battle for Atlas.

As someone who’s a fan of video games and 3D animation, it was really astounding seeing the process in action. They went on to show us their 3D scanning system and some of the tools they personally created like augmented reality glasses, a custom wooden props factory, and motion capture setup for animals such as dogs. Below are a few images from the tour that day, please enjoy.