Field Trip: EGLX 2018 & Kinda Funny Toronto Meetup

Two of my favourite things came together over a weekend in Toronto; video games and Kinda Funny. This year I wanted to check out the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX). It’s been going on in for a few years and this year they moved it downtown, where it was more accessible. I would say this gaming expo is similar in the type to say what Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) that goes in the United States and international. It was a great weekend event to take in the some of the newest games coming out, compete in video game tournaments, take in video game pop culture.

I’ve been a fan of Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller since his days at hosting Podcast Beyond: A PlayStation Podcast with Colin Moriarty, and Ryan Clements. My brother Justin and I have been fortunate to be considered as “friends of the show”. We are still considered friends of the show when the Greg and Colin left IGN with Nick Scarpion and Tim Gettys to start Kinda Funny. Being apart of the Kinda Funny community is great uplifting feeling. While to some people we are known as Jason and Justin, to a small corner of the interet in the Kinda Funny social space; we are the Das Brothers.

When we heard Greg and Nick were coming to Toronto for the 1st time during EGLX, we reached out to see if there was some kind of community meetup. The guys had a very busy schedule so they would not be able to work out a full out Kinda Funny Meet and Greet event. Greg asked us if we could run with it and start putting things together. We took on the challenge and started calling possible venues and gauging interest. We kept Greg and Nick in the loop as much as possible and keeping expectations in check. There were many hurdles to overcome, but in the end we were able to make it work and host our first Toronto Kinda Funny meetup during EGLX weekend.

The next day we managed to meet up again with Greg and Nick and they were very happy how things worked out. Speaking of IGN we were able to meet up with their other former colleague Naomi Kyle. It was great to see here again and to wish her best of luck with her new Patreon solo projects. Around the EGLX floor I was fortunate to meet up with friend Marissa Roberto host of Xbox All 4 One, HUD TV, and recently TSN Digital Sportscentre. I also got to meet up again with Canadian video game industry icon Victor Lucas of The Electric Playground, EP Daily, and Reviews on The Run. It was great to have him also join us the previous night that Kinda Funny Meetup. I knew he was great friends with Greg and Nick so it was such a great bonus for having him come out.

I look forward to next year’s EGLX. I wanted to partake in the Game Developer’s Conference but due to scheduling and limited knowledge of the schedule, I just couldn’t commit to this year. Hopefully this part of the EGLX show can be fully more prepared and explored. We are seriously lacking video game developer conference in the city of Toronto. Overall a great weekend of meeting new friends, networking with people in the business of video games and just pure entertainment enjoyment. Below are some photos I took during the 2 day event as well from the Kinda Funny community meetup.