Field Trip : Guillermo Del Toro – At Home With Monsters AGO Exhibit

I recently had the chance to go down to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in Toronto. I sometimes take the gallery for granted because I only went to the AGO on school trips, but never popped back in for a visit on my own time. That recently changed when I heard they were going to host an exhibit of filmmaker’s Guillermo Del Toro’s private art collection.

I was aware of Del Toro’s work from seeing past film’s like Mimic, Hellboy, and Blade 2 to start. It was really the personal films he created from scratch I found intriguing like Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, and Pacific Rim. I was fascinated to see what inspires Del Toro’s when he creates his visual direction for films. Originally I thought the exhibit would be basically props and concept art from his entire filmography. I was pleasantly surprised to say it was, but much more.

The exhibit At Home With Monsters shows his personal collection of artwork and sculptures collected from others. You’ll see old Marvel and DC comic books featuring Jack Kirby. Art depicting the works of author H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Surreal dark science fiction from H.R. Giger, collaborators on his film projects like artists Mike Mignola and Drew Struzen. You’ll see his fascination for Insect collections, and subjects like the occult, magic, alchemy even “Dark Disney” animation.  I was even impressed to see some of Del Toro’s early sketches and artwork he made as a child growing up in Mexico.

I hope the AGO will do similar exhibits from other noteworthy filmmakers. Maybe the likes of Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. Especially George, I hear he’s trying to build a museum just for his work alone. At Home With Monsters runs until January 7th, 2018 so I encourage you take in this AGO exhibit if you’re a fan of Del Toro’s work.