It’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection

Something I like about the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is that they are finally getting more private collections of obsurce art you do not see displayed often. I had the chance to see Kirk Hammett (guitarist for Metallica) It’s Alive Exhibit. I’ve seen a few old horror and sci-fi films from way back. There use to be this show we’d get broadcast from Buffalo, New York called Off Beat Cinema. Or the TVO programme Saturday Night At The Movies where I would get my first taste for these films.  However I never saw the original posters or the theater promotional materials.

When I use to design t-shirts for a previous client, I would get requests to simulate these different styles used by these artists. One of the interesting parts of the exhibit was the chance to recreate a movie poster using stock overlays and shining it onto a lightbox. Here are some photos from the exhibit. Please enjoy.