Field Trip: Starting a Creative Business with WorkInCulture

I came across this workshop on Evenbrite and it peaked my interest. At the time I was researching about video editing and motion graphic software, I thought about offering this kind of service. Some friends of mine were kicking around the idea of a YouTube online series. We are still in the pre-planning phase, and hopefully in the this workshop was something I thought could help me down the road in networking and building opportunities after my series was complete.

POV 3rd Street Films and WorkInCulture were conducting the workshop. It was a full day workshop with not just a focus on video, but really content creation as a whole on the business side. The exercises facilitated by the organizers helped me not just craft future services I could offer, but a possible blueprint in restructuring what I could be doing in the future. It’s given me a more feasible and goal constructed timeline for me to really explore how to proceed with my freelance company, Chameleon Studios.

The guest speakers near the end of the day, were really helpful with providing guidance in creating your own work to showcase your skills. However I also found the value of backing up your work with data and analytics, as metrics can help determine how effective my work can in the public eye. I will say the crowd in general was very young. A very young college group of people looking to venture out and start making great content. I wish my generation we had access to these kind of workshops to help give guidance and craft our skills. It’s never too late to take advantage of services that are in front of you.