From Days Of Long Ago : Voltron Returning To Netflix

From Days Of Long Ago by Jason A. Das

A friend shared a story on Facebook about the possible return of a classic cartoon I loved watching as a kid. Voltron : Defender of The Universe was coming back. This time though it coming straight to Netflix courtesy of Dreamworks Animation. This isn’t the 1st time a reboot of Voltron has been done. My fingers are crossed that it will be good. However I can’t help being skeptical how this reboot will be handled.

Seems lately every 1980s cartoon is trying to capture that luck Transformers had with their films. It’s not that simple, just look at G.I. Joe?  Some things are sacred, and you need to capture what was great about a cartoon series to make it stand on it’s own especially on the big screen. I would like to see Voltron on the big screen, but I guess depending how the cartoon series does, it could lead to a feature film.

Thinking about Voltron today I decide to do a painting today. I wanted to do like a sacred monument dedicated to Voltron, but not like the typical Mount Rushmore. I used some “photobashing” techniques to visualize my planned layout. I opted to go with an ancient pyramid with Voltron’s robot head on top. For reference I used a Mayan pyramid since they have a flat top. I applied layers of cracked stones, covered with jungle vines and leaves. Played around with some new custom brushes I downloaded for Photoshop. This took about 6 hours, I wanted to make it very loose. Pretty happy how this turned out.