G.I. Sajjan Featured In Story by Huffington Post Canada’s Althia Raj

I really thought by now my G.I. Sajjan image would have cooled down on social media. However to my surprise I was contacted last night by Huffington Post Canada to ask if they could use the image in a story about the Minister of Defence.

Well it looks like G.I. Sajjan will be trending again, so that’s cool. Another surprise that I found out was that Althia Raj, Huffington Post Canada’s Ottawa Bureau Chief, was writing the story. I have seen her work before as a guest on CBC News Network’s Power and Politics. Althia has also been a guest panelist for At Issue on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while now and respect the work she does in covering Canadian politics.  To have an image featured in one of Althia’s story is pretty amazing. It feels like we worked together on a school project. To be fair, in high school I was always the one on group projects doing the “art component” of the assignment. That was my strength back then, so in this project I’ll give Althia and I an A+

From the reading the full story I burst out laughing reading the reaction the Minister had about the G.I. Sajjan image. I’ve never known his reaction to the image until now. Mr. Sajjan if you are reading this post, I apologize for not bulking you up more. 🙂

You can read the full story here Harjit Sajjan, New Defence Minister, Says Canadians Are Smart Enough To ‘Call Bullsh*t’

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