Games! Games! Games! The Arcade Monolith



I saw this t-shirt worn by Tim Gettys on Kinda Funny’s twitch stream. I thought it was very clever and wanted to take it a step further on the concept of focusing on game console logotypes. Originally I thought about doing a family tree type layout. Then I thought about the different shapes of old arcade cabinets were designed in the past. I thought about the silhouette of the cabinet as a monolith, like a stone hedge. With it’s towering size labels with most of the past and most recent game consoles ever created. I tried to group the logotypes in their respectable companies. This illustration was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Maybe one day when I get to building my own arcade cabinet, I’ll print this out as a vinyl decal for the side panel art. In the mean time you can get my illustration available on my Society6 store. Thank you for your support.