Happy New Year: The 2017 Edition

Hello All,

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday season, and celebrated a great New Years with friends and family.

With 2017, I’m looking to work with new clients. So if you know anyone that needs graphic design or illustration work, any referral is greatly appreciated.

That’s not to say I’m keeping busy with my own projects, which is part of my resolution list.

  1. More digital illustrations – Already 3 big ones plan.
  2. Finish any 2016 art – Stuff that’s already in progress.
  3. Update the blogs – Old School will get so needed attention.
  4. Learn new skills – I can’t wait to show off some new stuff I learned.
  5. More analogue art –  Traditional mediums like inks, and watercolours.
  6. Figure drawing – We’re talking about PRACTICE!
  7. Start planning Lab Results – web comic in early production phase
  8. Read more, keep exercising, cook more, drink more water – work in progress.

Here’s to great things in 2017.