Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take this time to wish all of you a Happy New Year. 2015 for me personally was an interesting year. After years of kicking around the bush, I finally launched my website. I have now a site where I can showcase my creative work that I’ve made over the years, and plan on updating with new content.

I could have not done this without the support and encouragement of so many of you through out this year to keep at my craft. It could have been a simple hello, message, comment, share, like, retweet, or a repost. It’s what inspired me to get through 2015. Keep up the support for 2016, I’m gonna need it.

Special thanks go out to the following (sorry if I missed anyone):

My Family and #1 Support Team:
Arun, Keya & Justin
Ron, Em, Mon, Mike, Soma, Manny, Shelly, Sam and the Monster Squad (Auri, Eli, Ty, Jay, Li, & Ky-boo)

Test Fest / M7 Alumni:
Northern Talbot (& Linda) , Professor Chan (& Linda) , Chef Campbell, The Law, Waterboy

The GBC / Grubs N Gripes:
Haz, Bagel Boy, Nat, Farah, Claribel, Novak, Ray, Sal, Reg, Carol, Vishal, Churcher, Steve, Alex

The Men (and woman) of S.H.E.R.I.D.A.N
Meetman, JRK, The Grasshopper aka Ari, The Franchise, Leisl, Clay, The Dreamcaster Joel

The Centre of Creativity and Knowledge
DavidHalo, Hannah, Alexz, Joey Joe Joe Shababdoo, Leila, AshleyK, BIGREDFONT Andrew, Joe’s Garage Photo, Lady Lamplight, Beavs, JanChu, Miguel The Artist

The Moseley Bros, Team Boisvert, Tam, PotGeek, AdamCross, Mr. Mumbles

GotGame590 / UbiTo / EPN / TDot Gamers
Momin, Chubb, Zack, Harpax, Nacho, Megashaun, MRob, Donfubar, CiscoKid, Rajio, Mel, WastedKitten

Deadpool Dan, Breakable Jessen, Burly Cody,

The Z Team
McDougall, Oh Nooooo Mr. Lewin, Jonas,

Podcast Beyond /IGN / Kinda Funny BEST FRIENDS
Goldie, Altano, Marty, Max, The Reverend Jared, Vince
Daemon, McCaffery, Mitch, Destin, Shark, Davis, MRSalle
GameOverGreggy, Das Colin, Nick, Tim, Kevin, Steimer, AlfredoPlays, Porty
Pandamusk, Brien, Lorderk, Danny & Tori, UglyBlueMachine, Nikki, Amanda, Sam, Ben, Matt, Taryn, Javi, OH SH*T! Mike M.

Thank you all again, apologies to those I missed. I’m not really good at keep resolutions. Though in 2016 I plan to institute my new Sunday routine, Sunday Morning Sketch Sessions. Please have a fun and safe New Years Celebration.  2016 will be the year of the chameleon.


Chameleon Studios by Jason A. Das