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Inktober + Take October: Art Meets Blue Jays Baseball


So I recently posted that I was doing Drawlloween 2015, which you can see currently over on my instagram and tumblr. I’m planning to upload full images to this site in a full archive gallery.

A day ago a friend told me she’s taking part in Inktober. What another online daily sketch initiative? Yes I would like to take part in it, but I feel like putting my own spin on it.

If you’re a baseball fan you probably heard that my team, the Toronto Blue Jays are going to the MLB playoffs after a 22 year drought. Watching them clinch the AL east title was great. It was also where I learned of the catch phrase “Take October”. I think it’s something MLB’s social media / marketing team came up with.

Either way I’m going to combine the two initiatives together. Call me ambitious, but I’m going to draw in ink members of the Toronto Blue Jays through October. Little portraits or caricatures of team favorites like Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, David Price, Edwin Encarnación, Marcus Stroman, Russell Martin and many others.

I know Inktober calls for a sketch per day, but I’ll see how it goes. I would like to do these really nice and possibly revisit it later for a future project. Same process just like Drawlloween, I’ll be sharing images, and I’ll be posting an archive gallery for all the completed images later in the week.

Go Jays Go! We Are Heat! Bush Party!

Update: Click here to see the Inktober/Take October gallery