Let’s Draw This Inktober 2016

Inktober 2016 Drawing Schedule

Hi everyone,

I’m participating in Inktober 2016 this year. Last year I did a version of Inktober with a combination of “Take October”, which was Major League Baseball’s Postseason schedule. You can see my drawings to last year here. I also did Drawlloween 2015 for the most part of last year. This took away from my focus of Inktober, but a fun project as well.  You can see my drawings from last year here.

This year I’m solely focusing on Inktober 2016 to Jake Parker’s drawing schedule. Feel free to join in on the fun. There’s a lot of great artists out there. I’ll be posting my work directly to my Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook page. Be sure to be following me there. I also appreciate the likes and shares as well. Thank you all for the support. After October I’ll be archiving my drawings onto my website as a full gallery.

On a side note I’ll be teasing some new characters I’m creating for a future web comic series “Lab Results” in my Inktober drawings.