More Than The Ark – Well of Souls Project

Should I try to add snakes?

One of my all time favourite films growing up was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark. When I was learning about 3D modeling a few years back I wanted to practice putting my portfolio together to tackle 3 things. Create a 3D character design, build an environment, and an actual asset.

The whole idea wrapped around the theme of re-creating the classic scene from Raiders “The Well of Souls”. It was the burial site of the the Ark. That would be my actual asset modeling. Afterwards build out the entire set of the Well of Souls. My instructor (and friend) David at the time when I pitched the idea studying via Humber College, called it ambitious but to take my time.

I slowly built a library of reference sources and felt ready to start tackling it. As I started to build using 3DS Max, my Mac suffered some file corruption. It looked like at the time I lost all my work files.

Fast forward I started to pick up Maya and wanted to work more in that program. With the advent increase in virtual reality, I become curious “Could I build the Well of Souls into a VR experience”?

I’m currently learning more about AR VR content creation and all the types of devices that are available out there. I’ve started to also play around with Unreal Engine 4 where I think will be the basis of assembling my VR experience. This is definitely something I want to create and I’m aware there’s a learning curve to putting this all together.