Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3 - Developed by Guerrilla Games - Published by Sony Computer Entertainment

MyKZ - Community Engagement


Mobile iOS


Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma


12 Weeks


UX & UI Designer


MyKZ is a mobile companion app designed for the game series Killzone, developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The mobile app aims to keep Killzone players engaged with redeeming in-game currency (Valor), customizing loadouts, viewing leaderboards, and news.


  • Killzone is a well-established game series developed by Guerrilla Games. 
  • AAA game development has seen an increase in costs over each game console generation. 
  • A big component is their multiplayer component. 
  • Keeping gamers engaged on the platform and game,  is the challenge. 
  • While there are more competitive titles in established regions, developing markets are latching on to the Killzone series.


MyKZ is a mobile app that allows gamers to see and track their multiplayer statistics compared through all titles in the Killzone universe. Along with statistic comparison with friends and clan members. With the introduction of Killzone: Mercenary came the in-game currency of Valor. Valor is used in Killzone Shadow Fall in the form of purchasing upgrades during matches. Users could redeem their Valor collected to access upgrades in advance, before returning to the console game.

Research & Process

Myself being a fan of the Killzone series, I conducted some of my user research in the game. I engaged in brief conversations with users within the multiplayer modes of mostly Killzone: Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary. The dialogue centred around their favourite class, loadouts, and how often they spent their Valor. It was kept to a general discussion as we were focused mostly on playing with the game.

Not too recently it was announced by PlayStation that the game servers for Killzone 2 and 3 for the PlayStation 3 would be going offline permanently. I figured it would be a perfect time to revisit the game, as I still had my copy. Logging into the game servers I was surprised how many people were still actively playing, considering most people were on to PlayStation 4 playing Killzone: Shadow Fall. Unfortunately, I kept getting paired with either Europe or South American server. Most of my game sessions involved with me listening to people talk who didn’t know English. Even if I talked about the game, I would get the occasional one-word answers.

I then searched for online groups dedicated to Killzone on Facebook. I was able to gain more input and deploy polls and surveys to gauge the current fanbase. I wanted to hear how they felt about the Killzone series, and what would keep them playing.


The first set of wireframes for MyKZ. I originally sketched them out in my sketchbook and then started placing them in Sketch. Simple shapes and text to block out the focused areas where the content would go.

High Fidelity Screens

Originally I wanted to go with some actual images from the Killzone games. I instead opted to go with more flat colours and gradients similar to menu UI used in Killzone Mercenary, and the game cutscenes.


Blackjack - The Arms Dealer from Killzone: Mercenary


During my user research, I asked if gamers would like a passive mini game for Valor embedded with MyKZ. By using the character Blackjack introduced in Killzone: Mercenary, a simple rebranding game of the card game classic would be great idea. A fun way to collect Valor on the go on your mobile device.

Usability Testing

I would like to send out a build of MyKZ prototype to the Killzone community to try out and get more feedback. I am also considering to reach out to members of the development team at Guerrilla Games to have their feedback.

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