My Story

Who knew that my real love for drawing started from tracing art of Raphael. Not the Renaissance painter, but rather the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. From there I jumped backwards into my childhood life of things I loved. Drawing Star Wars, Transformers, The Simpsons, Disney & Warner Bros. characters.

Leap ahead came the love for video games and comics. This lead to more inspirations to drawing and refining my art skills. In high school I became “The Art Guy”. A role I relished during class projects.

During my years of Sheridan and George Brown College, I became more of a sketch master to eventually a brainstormer. Learning to think outside the box, approach the problem in a new direction, and not accepting for the status quo. Executing a perfect design required multiple revisions.  Advertising was something I started learn the nuance and skill of designing the ad campaign and message for a brand.

My years of working in house and freelancing opportunities, has let me experience working for a variety of clients, needing my services. I love working within a collaborative team environment.

Jason A Das - Working On A UX Prototype

As I look towards the future of emerging technologies in web, mobile, AR/VR, AI, and voice, I am looking to position myself better as a product designer. I have taken courses and workshops by RED Academy, General Assembly, MaRS, and BrainStation focusing on user experience and interface design. As I’ve engaged with the design community at meetups, learning from my peers, multiple hackathons, the knowledge I continue to absorb, I am ready for this new path.  I’m always willing to help others with the knowledge I’ve learned, and I love seeing others succeed under my coaching and guidance.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning about and tasting new foods and cooking. I’m tuning into my daily podcasts or audiobook, with a cup of green tea. Taking in workshops and meetups for the things I love and continue to learn about, such as design, 3D modeling and animation. I like to flip through the pages of art books I collect, but have zero shelf space to store them.