Old School : Columbia Pictures Spider-Man Ad Campaign

Columbia_PicturesAs a young child one of my favourite superheroes I liked was Spider-Man. I was a fan of the comic strips that use to run in the Toronto Star newspaper. I also enjoyed the various cartoon series. I read a few of the actual comic books later on, but I always wanted to see a movie version of Spider-Man. There were numerous rumours and proposed ideas for a movie but it never happened. It wasn’t until 2002 we started to see the a news that Spider-Man would make his debut to silver screen.

One of my ad projects was to showcase a promotion for an event. I decided to work on ad campaign for Spider-Man. It was a tough project as there was not enough assets from the film available online to the mass public. My focus was a teaser campaign focus on in theatre promotions.

Using the programme guide magazines available at Cineplex theatres, I decided to mock up an insert / cover article to replicate the fictional newspaper from the Spider-Man universe, The Daily Bugle. The copy writing was meant to be in tone as if it was written by the character J. Jonah Jameson.

The next part was a series of theatre banners to be hanged in the movie theatre for promotional usage. I made one focused on Spider-Man and the other on the villain, the Green Goblin. It was was a combination of hand drawn illustration and available movie promotional images.

The last part was a theatrical teaser poster that would be on display at the ticket box office or kiosks. The illustration was an old drawing done for me by my friend Joel. I brought it into Photoshop and added some paint effects to make it look like it was done by famed comic illustrator Alex Ross. My only gripe with the poster was the text layout and font usage for the credits. I always thought about revisiting the project to add some more characters to the blue background. Maybe add Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Mary Jane Watson. Unfortunately I was on a deadline and it wasn’t meant to be.