Old School : Dodge Viper GTS-R Ad Campaign

dodge-viper-logo-wallpaper-5When I attended George Brown College for Graphic Design, one of the fields I wanted to focus on was advertising. I loved the idea of taking a concept and spread it over different mediums. One of the biggest sectors to use advertising is the automotive industry. For class we were to choose a car and give it ad campaign treatment. At the time I wasn’t a big car buff. I appreciated the industrial design of cars, but never knew the difference of the interior intricacies.

Most people picked their current cars they drove, or their dream cars to own. I chose to go with the Dodge Viper because at the time I really loved the design of the car. I wanted to use attributes of the reptile and incorporate them into my ad campaign. For my campaign I designed 3 billboards, 1 magazine tri-tone color advertisement, a custom die-cut direct mailer brochure, and a 30 second TV spot.

Looking back at the project it was an ambitious execution. I would have liked to tighten up the text layout on the direct mailer brochure, but the idea of opening the hood to reveal a new car model was pretty cool. The storyboard presentation was fun because my instructor at the time, Michael Garrett loved how I did sound effects and voice overs in my presentation. He often asked me “Jason, are you gonna do sound effects?” I would reply yes, and his face lit up in anticipation. I felt like the actor Michael Winslow from Police Academy. With the TV spot storyboarding, I wanted to go with a nature style documentary you would see from National Geographic. However the difference would be swapping out nature sounds for car noises. The magazine ad was using a scientific illustration relabelled with the Viper GTS-R car specifications. For the billboard ads I loved the tag lines I came up with. With exception to the Snake Eyes image, I felt the visuals for the others could have been incorporated better,