Old School : McFarlane Toys Metal Gear Solid 2 Action Figures Ad Campaign

mcfarlane-01Another ad campaign I made during my Advertising studies at George Brown College, was a focus on packaged goods. I really wanted to focus on toys, in particular premium higher end collectable toys. One of the big players in the toys industry was McFarlane Toys. One of the brands that McFarlane Toys worked on was Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty. Metal Gear Solid was one of my favourite video games series on Sony PlayStation. I was really looking forward to the Metal Gear Solid 2 game, but the action figures really intrigued me. Not just because of the detail that went into making them, but also that each feature came with a collectible piece. When you collected each piece it would form together into a larger action figure; Metal Gear Ray.

For the execution of the ad campaign, I decided to work on a magazine ad, a TV spot and in store marketing setup. For the magazine ad, I wanted to play up on the military actions surrounding the action figures. The idea was to go with an interrogation scene opting out a gun for an action figure,

The TV spot was in vain of a tactical military search and rescue mission. It was meant to be very over the top the kind of action you see in a Tom Clancy movie. It was play up on the collectible aspect of the action figures, how extreme collectors would go to seek out the action figures. McFarlane Toys was known for the exclusive figures and variations in the toy collecting community.

The in Store Marketing display was an idea from my real life experience. At the time of attending George Brown, I was working part time at Canadian retailer Zellers. I rose through the ranks of cashier, stock clerk, merchandise movement team, to supply chain associate. During my time in supply chain I got to work on store planograms for how store aisles were displayed and product was allocated. I also got the rare chance to deal with and work with vendors and representatives who visited our stores to set up ads and reorder products. Some of the representatives included Disney Home Video, Revlon Cosmetics, Sony PlayStation, Scholastics, and Johnson & Johnson.

I decided to design a full aisle display kit for the action figures. It consisted of logo branding for McFarlane Toys in the the form of shelf lining, signage, and floor vinyl decals. End caps were also made featuring allocation spots for the various action figures that would be displayed. Cardboard standee cutouts of the action figures would be put on display, if the store spacing allowed for the human traffic.