Painting A Villain : Remembering Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman by Jason A. Das

I was sad to hear the passing of actor Alan Rickman. He died of cancer at the age of 69. Just a day after the passing of David Bowie. Cancer really does suck. I thought about doing a piece similar to what I did for David Bowie, but I decided to go in a different direction. I wanted to do a kind of collage of my favourite Alan Rickman roles. I loved him as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, one of my favourite Christmas movies. Second performance goes to the Sheriff of Nothingham in Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves. Alan Rickman is well known lately in the Harry Potter series as Professor Severus Snape. I decided to paint Hans Gruber first. Then from there came the Sheriff of Nothingham. I  then added Professor Severus Snape. The bonus was adding a portrait of Alan Rickman. Afterwards I started messing around the composition and this was the end results. Originally I was doing it on white background, but I like the black instead.

Thursday I spent working on Hans Gruber and Sheriff. That took about 8 hours. Friday was a good 7 hours on Snape and Rickman. Originally I wanted to capture my painting with video capture, but my Camtasia wasn’t playing nice, as I thought it would have been a nice addition to my Scribble To Digital series.

This was all painted using Adobe Photoshop CC on my Mac Pro using a Wacom Cintiq 22HD. I’ve been reading up on different techniques and video tutorials from YouTube and Gumroad. Still trying to get a proper workflow going in terms of digital painting. No custom brushes were used  yet.

RIP Alan