Pickering Community Banner Program 2020

Live, Work, Play, Inspire – City of Pickering Community Banners Submission

Hooray! I’m pleased to announce my entry for the City of Pickering community banner is now printed and on displayed. You can find it on The Esplanade North at Pickering City Hall, near the performance gazebo. So happy how it turned out. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood have a look, as well as the other entries location in the downtown core. All the banners will be on display until December 2021. Thank you all for your support.

My Artist Statement

“Live, Work, Play, Inspire” by Jason Das

How I wanted to capture Pickering; is a multi-layer piece of symbolism that resonates with me the most. When I think of living, I wanted to capture the nature of living near Duffins Creek. Fall colours of leaves in the wooden areas near my old high school Pine Ridge. For work, we associate Pickering with energy. I didn’t necessarily want to draw out the power plant but instead create floating light bulbs that symbolize ideas that power and drive our community. As a sense of balloons stringed together that empower us. I cannot forget to include Frenchman’s Bay or the waterfront at the foot of Liverpool Road. Our waterfront is where people come to play and enjoy the time with family and friends. For inspiration, I wanted to capture the youth. You see that morning sunrise that glimmers over Lake Ontario to the starry night sky when you travel far enough north. It’s all-encompassed as the leaves, lake, agricultural fields form the shape of a child pondering and dreaming about what a day is like in Pickering for them.