PlayStation Compass - Additional Research

User Research

Based on research and interview I conducted, people were familiar with the PlayStation Store. However, the navigation and finding new games that matched their preference was not being fully met.


  • The PlayStation Store currently aggregates past games played to make broad suggestions, and those results would be displayed on constant in the “Just For You” section. 


  • It became apparent that with PlayStation Compass if we can provide the player a tailored questionnaire, and smart filter form it would give the user more control in a personal curation.


From my user surveys and interviews, I came away with the following insights:


Rachel is a growing demographic within the game streaming culture. People you live stream their gameplay sessions on Twitch or YouTube. Her access to the PlayStation Store will be via the mobile app.


Edward had to scale back on gaming online with his friends due to scheduling conflicts. There is also now the responsibility of planning his entertainment budget accordingly. His main interaction with the PlayStation Store will be sitting in front of his television using his PlayStation 4 game console.

Journey Map

This journey map will illustrate the current path that Rachel experiences using the existing PlayStation mobile app. You’ll notice that her path, hampered by pain points that gradually recover by opting for another search method.

User Interface Design

The logo for PlayStation Compass follows the idea of incorporating the “sacred symbols” into the design; square, cross, circle, and triangle. I wanted these symbols to mimic the placement of the current PlayStation controller, with a waypoint needle. The colours are the same as used in current PlayStation branding.

This was an early attempt at developing a design system, by creating a set of icons to classify the game genres mentioned in the user research. To reduce complications of adding existing large tabs to state what was on sale, versus Flash sale, versus PlayStation Plus I developed a flag icon to go over selected game tiles.

Usability Testing

From the mobile app, the results have been positive with PlayStation centric users. 

  • The familiarity using the existing design aesthetics established with the core mobile app, Users appreciated a much less bombardment of search results. 
  • From my user testing, there was some confusion with My Compass. That was until they clicked on the Get Started section of PlayStation Compass. It was considered for the initial start-up of PlayStation Compass should omit “My Compass” before a user has done the initial setup? 
  • Some users brought up about the highlighted icons such as the friends and influencers the text was hard to read. I would need to adjust the transparency overlay and take into account the contrast of colour text to a background image.

With the console version of PlayStation Compass, we have much more room in the layout to accommodate body text copy associated with the listing. Some users expressed interest in using PlayStation Compass on a television screen to compare against the mobile app.


Prototype - Mobile App

Prototype - PlayStation 4 / HDTV

For the prototype of PlayStation Compass for an HDTV, I built out the design to work with the current PlayStation Store on the gaming console. Overall there is much more space to work with to add more text or larger images. However, it was still my goal to limit the search results on the user, to not give an overwhelmed feeling. I only had time to design the My Compass home and Calendar result screens. 

I had read that Adobe XD now supported game controller input for prototypes. For that reason, I want to move my PlayStation Compass prototype over to XD for development. I would like to button map a DualShock 4 game controller and give the user a better feeling of replicating that immersion.