Pushing Polygons : Learning 3D Modeling


I always had a passion for computer animation way back in high school. I took courses in AutoCAD hoping to learn eventually 3D Studio. In art class, if I could do a project related around Pixar or Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), I did it. In university I once did a project on 3D rendering techniques in video games. So for my project and presentation I would record clips directly from my PlayStation  (PSOne) directly to VHS. I had scenes from Final Fantasy 7, Gran Turismo, Parasite Eve, and Xenogears.

When I got into Sheridan College’s Arts Fundamentals program, I thought it would lead me into getting into the Classical Animation program. Unfortunately at the time, the program entry was fiercely competitive. My love for animation never wandered as I still had an interest in the art form and technique. Over time, more schools started teaching computer animation. The software choices were getting larger and computers are now much more affordable.

In the summer I was able to attend Schoolism Live in Toronto. This 2 day workshop gave me a crash course from animation, creative direction, illustration, and sculpting. It was there that I wanted to take another stab into the 3D world.

In October of 2016, I signed up for an online course in 3D Modeling for Games and Movies through Humber College & Academy of Design Technology. Now then ever the demand for 3D skills whether it be computer animated feature films, visual effects, video games, virtual and augmented reality implementation, and the emergence of 3D printing technology has been so great. Now with access to some industry standard software like 3D Studio Max and Maya, I’m able to create more for the medium and offer another skill at my disposal . Here are some images from my work I’ve done in terms of assignments. While it only shows a short glimpse and what I’m capable of doing, I hope to grow more and show the next phase of my 3D modeling skills. I want to focus on character modeling but I’m in progress of working my my demo reel and rendering stills of a big project coming up in the Spring of 2017.