SceneScout - Additional Research

User Research

The questioning revolved around two parts I wanted to converge on; travel in terms of tours, film & tv. I wanted to wrap my head around the current steps and activities involved in how Canadians currently travel. Ranging from their experience overseas versus how they travel inside of Canada province to province.

From my initial conversations and interviews, it was apparent some Canadians have fatigue in travelling to the well-established places of interest. You can only see the CN Tower or Niagara Falls so many times. This felt like a good opportunity with SceneScout to shed light on establishments that were not getting their dues and promotion. Leveraging their prominence in film and tv production.


After evaluating my interviewees and looking over the user survey, I had a better understanding who my targeted user base would be for SceneScout. With my initial focus on the Toronto area, I wanted to capitalize on a young adult audience who were looking for fun. The college and university demographic who would live in the downtown core, and did not mind walking and taking public transit. These would be my primary users who were looking for inexpensive entertainment to participate with friends.

The secondary users were the family type of person. The mature adult at age 36–50 with children, living outside the metropolitan area. In the case of Toronto, it would be the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. They would likely take the option of driving into the city or public transit as a viable option. The secondary user would like to incorporate their children into some sort of family activity. SceneScout has the possibility to cross generations in the appeal for past tv and film properties including future titles.

Journey Maps

Minimal Viable Product

User Flow

Usability Testing

Conducting user testing was a challenge. It was done up in sections, the first part was sharing my wireframes with my peers in class. From the initial tests of the InVision prototype, I knew that there was a matter of consistency I needed to hit. Use of proper icons and actual pop-up window aesthetics needed to keep proper form.

From the initial user testing via Facebook Messenger, people thought this was the completed app. I had to settle down the fears because some thought they could be getting malware. The other issue was replicating the reactions for every input. The users thought they couldn’t enter the data. I had to convey to them to pretend they were searching for “Suicide Squad”. Overall from the user testing were people would use an app of this nature. It also shed light that the next function to focus on the prototype would be My Tours.

I managed to do one in-person user testing session with my brother. To capture his reactions and use of my prototype in real-time, I used the streaming broadcast software OBS. I was able to capture my feed from the webcam and my iPhone for testing purposes. It was very helpful to go back and replay sections of the testing.

Logo / Branding