Scribble To Digital: A Tribute to Comic Book Legend Stan Lee

I was sadden by the passing of comic book legend Stan Lee. Stan was someone I wanted to be like. Giving birth to so many great comic book characters. I was luckily enough to see him at his final visit to Toronto at Fan Expo Canada. Previous years I was able to get a photo taken with him, it was worth the wait unfortunately I didn’t get the time I’d like to talk and tell him how much of an inspiration he was to me and to others. I’m sure he knew. To celebrate his life I wanted to create an image of Stan with some of his iconic characters that I fondly remember him creating. I started this image in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos tablet. Later on I switched to the iPad Pro using Apple Pencil and the app, Procreate. I’ve included a time lapse video of my progress for your viewing.