Scribble To Digital / Celebrating Batman Day

Batman by Jason A. DasThis past Saturday was Batman Day. I didn’t know this was an actual thing. I guess being last year was Batman’s 75th Anniversary, DC Comics wanted to make it an annual thing.

So my love for Batman goes back many years. I grew up watching the old 1960’s TV show, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman & Robin. It was a fun show at the time. I didn’t follow every episode when they aired.

I was more of a Batman fan when he was animated. Went from Superfriends, to Justice League, but the 1990’s Batman : The Animated Series was literally the best incarnation of a Batman cartoon.

The comics came later with Batman. I didn’t grow up collecting comics. It was the occasional comic strip I use to see in the local newspaper. Until later on were I learned about trade paperbacks. That’s when a friend showed me “A Death In The Family”.

It was then that I started to like the dark themes and characters that Batman. I became more drawn to the villains that Batman had to deal with on a daily basis. Maybe next time I’ll draw the Joker.

I could talk about the films as well but that’s another story to tell and draw about later.


Goof notes: Unfortunately a large chunk of the capture process of this drawing didn’t save properly. It would be pointless to show 3 segments of speedpaintings, to jump to the finish all of a sudden. That’s 20 minutes I won’t get back. On iPad I try to save my sessions into 10 minute blocks and when I’m done with an active layer, I’ll merge or save a separate file.