Scribble To Digital

Scribble To Digital / Enhanced Edition: Toronto Wonder Woman

Original Photo by Joseph Manfredi Cosplay by Ashley Katryna Photoshop FX by Jason A. Das

It’s remarkable how an image comes together.  A few weeks have passed since the annual Fan Expo Canada held in Toronto, Canada. It’s a super packed 4-day event for everyone that’s a fan of comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, and horror.

It’s also great opportunity to partake in cosplay. My friend Ashley is awesome at costume designs. Every year she tries to do something unique. However she’s well known in the local cosplay scene as the Toronto Wonder Woman.

With every Fan Expo comes the massive uploading of photos to Facebook. While I didn’t get to see her in person, this image on her profile struck me.

The pose was very reminiscent of a similar image done by one of my favorite artists, Alex Ross. I reached out to Ashley to ask could I possibly fiddle around with image.

This is where I was introduced to Joseph Manfredi of Joe’s Garage Photos. I got the green light to use the photo from him, but I didn’t say originally what I had planned for it.

It was for my trial run of this speed painting series. However I decided to highlight these ones as “Enhanced Edition” as I’m using mostly Adobe Photoshop to recolor, lighting, touch-ups, and special effects. I spent roughly 2 hours of recording this process using Camtasia. To give you context on what I was trying to do, here’s the original Alex Ross painting below. I’m right now playing with a technique to basically reverse engineer this style and apply them to high-resolution photographs. If you want to read more about Alex Ross, definitely check out the book Mythology by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd.

Wonder Woman painted by Alex Ross
Wonder Woman painted by Alex Ross

When I shared the final imaged with Ashley and Joseph they were definitely surprised. The amount of likes and comments from people, who I didn’t know personally, was simply amazing.

So with this image comes a time-lapse video. This is pretty new to me so there are things I’m still learning and tweaking as I go with each video. One thing for sure is I would like to keep it short. Asking 5 minutes (and 15 seconds) of your time is all I need.  Hope you enjoy it.