Session - Healthy Lifestyle App

Platform: iOS

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD

Scope: 1 weeks

Role: UX & UI Designer

Overview: Session is designed to be a meditation guide mobile app. To combat the overexposure that users experience with screen time, the design approach for Session is to deploy a dark screen user interface and minimal design aesthetic.


Many people spend multiple hours, exposed to extensive screen time. Whether on our mobile devices, computers, and televisions. We all live busy lifestyles where we are bombarded with imagery and sound. A cocktail of sensory overload.

In our daily usage, users are exposed to sensitive or negative content during the late night hours, when they should be sleeping. Most devices emit a blue light that does not bode well for our natural sleep patterns.  Symptoms of eye strain, headaches, anxiety, and stress can accumulate the next day.



How can this be achieved?

  •  Work with the teachings of the guided chakra alignment and or balance meditation method.
  •  Adopt the usage of deep meditation method for environment and time. 
  • Keeping the meditation period to a ten minute session.
  • Use a native colour scheme that’s “Dark Mode/High Contrast”. 
  • Create a minimal user interface graphic aesthetic.


With Session, the user will start the meditation focus on 1 of 7 chakras during their allocated time. Before each session, the mobile app will ask the user to craft a mantra to recite during their session.  With deep meditation practice, it asks that practitioners focus for ten minutes for the period.

Breathing is an essential part of meditation. Instead of an audio coach to say “Breathe Now” the onscreen animations of Session are timed in a rhythmic duration.

After a session is complete, the user will have a chance to view the summary of how long they spend in their chakra. They can also take this moment to share their mantra to linked social media accounts. This helps encouragement of sharing positive thoughts and look into signing up for the Session app.

You can also add customization to your mantra in the form of a plaque, adding background images and emoji stickers available for purchase.

Session would adopt a non-intrusive micro-transactions to buy additional backgrounds. artworks packs, and sounds catering to each chakra. 


The core audience of Session is geared towards men and women, age 16 to 75. It may seem like a large age gap, however, we get very busy in a certain part of our lives. As more youth struggle with the pressure of school life and using social media apps, for the most part, introducing youth to the basic principles of meditation would be ideal.

Seniors are using more mobile devices whether smartphone or tablets, need to take into account their well being. Taking a moment to rest from excessive screen time would be an added benefit.


My family practices Hinduism, and meditation is a part of our everyday life. I am not in no way an expert at it, but being a practitioner is a step for a positive well-being lifestyle.  My mother, I would consider a dedicated practitioner of daily meditation.

When I sleep at night, I try to eliminate ambient light sources as a distraction. I would even dim my alarm clock display and cover up lights emitting from electronics. When doing early research on meditation practices, the dark or deep meditation practice in a dim or absolute dark environment came up multiple times.

Exploration of high contrast / dark mode user interface came from my recent update on my MacBook Pro using Mac OS Mojave. When I started looking at comparable meditation apps, the user interface tends to be photograph heavy.  

For screen animations, I wanted to create some kind of synchronization to the rhythm for breathing. It would be a natural way of coaching without relying on a vocal coach some mobile apps deploy.

Colour schemes associated with each chakra would keep the focus of the user when conducting a session. When a session is complete, the app would switch to a dark mode user interface.

User Interface




User Feedback 

I would like to have some actual yoga and meditation practitioners to test out the prototype of Session. I want to watch them use the app and see how they react to the mobile app in a dark environment.

Animation Timing

Observe the timing of sounds and animations work in tandem with actual breathing exercises.  Explore increase in time for a session.

Sensory Overload

I would like to balance how much information is on the screen when actively doing a session, versus the on-screen information in the menu system. Originally I thought of doing active background animations like star fields and fading gradients.