Stranger Filters : Practicing New Photoshop Techniques For Retro Feel

A Photoshop test of recreating VHS effects

Maybe it’s because of the recent breakout Netflix series Stranger Things, but the 1980’s are back again. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things I encourage you to do so. There’s so much homage to classic films of that era like Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King books. The synthesizer new wave heavy soundtrack, fits so well with the show. While it’s only 8 episodes, I cannot wait to see where it goes in the second season.

In the show the characters loved to spend evenings playing Dungeons & Dragons. I remember playing role playing games, but it was later on but never the D&D series. However I do remember the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It was incredible at the time. I also loved the evil villain Venger. He was uniquely designed with his bat wings, one red horn, and that voice! Did you know that’s Peter Cullen (voice of Transformer’s Optimus Prime)?

Roleplaying games as well as tabletop games, have become more widely accepted now, and not so niche as it use to be. Maybe it has a lot to do with TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory”? There are a wide variety of genres you can play not just the medieval fantasy world. I use to play RPGs like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, After The Bomb, Road Hogs, and Battletech. These days I’m more inclined to play the role playing video games like Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, and The Witcher.

Thinking about Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons, I was practicing some Photoshop tutorials to recreate old VHS quality. So I found an image of Venger and applied some techniques and came out with this image. I’m thinking of doing some more 80s retro designs and I hope to share with you in the coming months.