A Little Renovation Of The Website

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Hi all, You might notice a few differences on my website. I attended a Schoolism workshop (which I’ll elaborate in a future post) and showed my portfolio to some fellow artists. The feedback was very positive and a few people in the industry gave me some ideas to incorporate into my website. It wasn’t an extensive laundry […]

Happy New Year

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to take this time to wish all of you a Happy New Year. 2015 for me personally was an interesting year. After years of kicking around the bush, I finally launched my website. I have now a site where I can showcase my creative work that I’ve made over the […]

The Grand Opening

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Welcome to the grand opening! It’s a been a long time coming, but I’ve finally ready to take the wraps off the 1st phase of my personal website. Welcome to www.jasonadas.com my central portfolio hub. It’s a collection of my creative endeavours with samples of professional and personal work as a graphic designer. I’ve become […]

Scribble To Digital: An Introduction

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Back in school at George Brown College, I wanted to put together a DVD together of my portfolio. It was a very ambitious project at the time. I only got so far in creating a DVD cover called “Scribble To Digital”. I have always admired artists that practice the art of speed painting. Capturing the […]