What’s New – Drop Down Navigation

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I’ve decided to break down my large body of work into separate pages. So for the graphic design and illustration, each menu will drill down into it’s own galleries. Before I had just compiled the galleries into 1 large page. I’m hopeful this will reduce confusion and getting around. Of course over time the galleries […]

A Little Renovation Of The Website

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Hi all, You might notice a few differences on my website. I attended a Schoolism workshop (which I’ll elaborate in a future post) and showed my portfolio to some fellow artists. The feedback was very positive and a few people in the industry gave me some ideas to incorporate into my website. It wasn’t an extensive laundry […]

Hello, Newman.

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After writing and posting my blog about the creation of G.I. Sajjan, the reaction has been very positive. The comments ranged from “THAT WAS YOU?”, “Awesome job”, “Yeah I saw that floating around online somewhere”. It’s true there is a lot of noise on the internet, and it’s very easy to lose sight the comment or […]