TED - Elevate Tech Jam 2019


Developed during Elevate Tech Jam 2019 in Toronto. TED is a cross promotion marketplace platform for the Rogers digital network for IoT devices. We hacked together a possible client side dashboard, to push promotions via rich media, geo location. Interacted via voice and chatbot.


Client Based Web Portal & Mobile Application (iOS/Android)


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Botcopy, DialogFlow, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator


2 Days


Aditya Subramaniam - Project Lead & Data Analyst
Allen Feng - Database Specialist
Astor Wong – Business & Marketing Analyst
Jason Das – UX & UI Designer
Amanda Tsiang – Graphic Designer
Murtaza Vahanvaty - JavaScript Developer

The Challenge

I participated in the 2019 Elevate Tech Jam in Toronto, Canada. The Elevate Tech Jam is created by TD and co-created by Ceridian, Corus, Interac, Rogers, Future of Sport Lab (MLSE & Ryerson). I was part of a team of 6 people. We called ourselves, 4AM. For the tech jam, we went with the challenge presented by Rogers Digital.

Team 4AM

Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Living

Consumers are increasingly adopting new technologies and incorporating connected devices into their day to day lives. Rogers enables you to make more possible by providing integrated connected living solutions that are simple to use and attainable for every-day life.

How can new technologies provide solutions for the consumer experience (technical support, services, promotions etc.).

The Solution

  • The aim is to help business customers reach residential customers and leverage existing data and customer relationships.
  • A client-side portal where business partners can upload an ad and promotional content. 
  • Push and administer ads to platforms and translate to the appropriate output of interaction. 
  • The ad can be a rich media image, voice interface, chatbot, and location-based tracking.
  • The platform would showcase ad accordingly depending on user’s device.

The goal is to have Rogers customers engage more with the promotions offered by being a part of the Rogers network. We believe TED could be a useful way to build brand retention, real-time awareness of ongoing and targeted promotions.

Research and Process

Improve On What Exists

When Rogers Digital presented us with usable data resources, originally our scope of project would deal with device technical support. We later kicked around the idea with looking at the current MyRogers mobile app.

We found that it’s current messaging system didn’t highlight promotions in a more urgent upfront way. We talked about how Rogers focused more on e-mail blasting all news. However if users are opting out of newsletters and emails, where else could we notify them. 

We wanted to give Rogers and its partners a new way of creating advertisements for their promotions. It is where we came up with MyRogers to be the hub for all future promotions and redeeming them. 

Developing Two Platforms

During the initial brainstorming of TED, we felt we needed to outline and show that this is a two prong execution. One cannot work without the other. The goal with creating a client side web portal would reduce adding more need to manage promotions. We felt developing browser based tools in a promotional dashboard as beneficial to our partners. By building out the channels; whether visual ads, voice or location based. Campaign management and analytics was a feature we felt needed to be included. 

Originally we had to planned to prototype the dashboard console, and eventually build out a web application for dashboard. As we encountered some bottlenecks in actually developing the code, we had to scale back on building out features. We prototyped two sections of the web portal; main dashboard and creating a new promotion. We focused at the creating a rich media image based promotion with redemption of QR code generated in our dashboard.

The other prototype was to show TED running the rich media image on the MyRogers mobile app. The user flow focused on refining promotional categories and redeeming a QR code for later.

A Workshop Within A Tech Jam

During the first day of the Tech Jam, Rogers was planning to do a workshop during the tech jam. As a group we decided to attend to see and hear what might be Rogers looking to achieve from the challenge for IoT devices. 

When they brought out one of their partners Dialogflow, we decided to pivot and put a focus on chatbot implementation into our prototype. As much as we were hoping to build a geo-location mockup, we felt as a team the DialogFlow solution was quicker to put together. 

There was some hurdles with JavaScript not recognizing our functions. We tried to journey map the process of TED as a geo-location chatbot, with the process of shopping at Yorkdale Mall. We finally managed to get a working chatbot within a Google Chrome browser. For the demonstration and pitch we had 3 prototypes running. One for the client management dashboard, MyRogers redeeming marketing TED promotions in app, and TED geo-location chatbot scenario.

Low & High Fidelity Screens

Web Portal Promotions Dashboard wireframe
Web Portal Promotions Dashboard
TED Chatbot dialogue screen on MyRogers mobile app
TED Chatbot dialogue screen on MyRogers


Key Takeaways

Scalability – Possibilities to expand the user base from the Rogers network to possibility Fido and Chatr.

Target Promo  – Push notifications based on geo-location and search history. This could apply to a Rogers Home device, or a mobile device roaming via location activity. Out of province partners and international promotions could also apply to outside roaming networks.

Gamification – Reward system to incentive users redeeming additional promotions. Data suggests 33% lift in user engagement and 68% increase in content discovery. Pairing contacts or friends on the Rogers network could implement a leaderboard. 

Cross Sell –  business solutions to enterprises based on campaign KPIs


As a team we were satisfied with what we managed to cobble together during Elevate Tech Jam.

It wasn’t until one of the workshops offered during the middle of Day 1 from Dialogflow, that we consider to pivot from our original idea.

We felt an actual working geo location prototype would have solidified our initial pitch with TED. We hope to keep in touch with some Rogers employees to mentor us on further development.

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