TED - Additional Research


Desktop Web Portal Dashboard

Below is a walkthrough video of our team’s prototype we had planned for TED’s Business Promo Manager. The idea here was for partners to log in to upload their promotional content to be deployed on the Rogers digital network.

TED MyRogers Mobile App for iOS

In this video, I demonstrate how the user will see and be able to interact with the promotion via the MyRogers app. The MyRogers app can present the promotions in general via a search in Offers. If the user has enabled location services on their mobile device, TED can notify you of promotions in your location and you can engage in the chatbot conversation in realtime. 

TED MyRogers Mobile App Chatbot Module

We developed a working prototype of how TED would respond to the user in the chatbot scenario. We presented it as a separate module from the other prototype due to the working environment.