The Day Donald Trump Revealed He Was Batman

Trump Batman
Originally created and posted on August 19, 2015 by Jason A. Das

I use to watch Donald Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice”. At the time I thought it was great way for people to compete for working for a big company. Doing actual business tasks working with big brands. Eventually I got tired of the show, and also tired of Donald Trump. With every upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Trump joins in on the fun. You never know if he’s in it, to win it. Or is just a ratings spike or to get his name and brand out there?

Either way it’s that time again for the Republican candidate nominations. I never cared to watch or follow these events, but this year Trump has been able to turn up the dial WOW factor it’s caught my curiosity. When I say WOW, it’s meant for “WOW, did Trump actually say that?” There’s a wide gamut of comments Trump has managed to say for shock value, or surprisingly resonate with some people’s beliefs. Building a wall across Mexico, getting back the jobs from China, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, vulgar comments directed at women in the media and rival candidates, bomb the hell out of Syria. The election has not started yet, so there’s room for more bold and brash comments from Mr. Trump. However it was this comment that had me firing up Adobe Photoshop.

‘I am Batman,’ Trump tells boy on helicopter ride

Sorry Mr. Trump. As hard as you might try, you are not Batman. I think we all strive to be or fantasize as being Batman or Batgirl when we were young. I just don’t believe Trump represents the same ideals as Batman. To my surprise even long time voice of Batman, actor Kevin Conroy expressed his displeasure in Donald Trump.

Kevin’s response to Trump is what inspired me to reply back with this image.


The List of Batmen Later on I thought of all the people who’ve ever portrayed the Caped Crusader. I still wouldn’t believe Donald Trump would make a choice as Batman. Maybe a super villain? HA! Trump is not in same league as the Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, Ra’s Al-Ghul, or Killer Croc. I wouldn’t lock him up in Arkham Asylum either; he already has an institution to call home. It’s called Trump Towers.