The Grand Opening

JADBalloonsWelcome to the grand opening!

It’s a been a long time coming, but I’ve finally ready to take the wraps off the 1st phase of my personal website.

Welcome to my central portfolio hub. It’s a collection of my creative endeavours with samples of professional and personal work as a graphic designer. I’ve become more than just a “logo guy” so now I have place to show what I’m capable of. Along with some new stuff I’m learning about.

With also this launch comes a Facebook page to keep up to date with my work. To like and subscribe just click here


I’ve also started to dabble with YouTube. So you should definitely subscribe to my channel for my
vlog / speed painting series Scribble To Digital. To subscribe click here

This is all in the efforts to kick my search for new career opportunities into overdrive. Please like, share, retweet, email, comment, text, whatever you enjoy doing.

Like I said it’s only phase 1. Phase 2 is further down the road, but the seeds are being planted. That is called Chameleon Studios, my digital entertainment studio. It’s an ambitious long term project, but I hope to chip away with it.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.