The Happy Belated May The Fourth Post of 2018

May The Fourth Be With You!

Like many people I have a love for the Star Wars Universe. It’s one of those things that inspire me on a daily basis. One day I hope to create my own “Star Wars Universe”. It’s a goal that some artists strive for when creating their own worlds. Star Wars has become the blueprint on how to create a transmedia experience.

I’m currently working on two Star Wars illustrations, but they’re not ready yet. In celebration of May The Fourth I wanted to showcase some books I have dedicated to Star Wars.

Art Books

When you’re a creative person, its important to build your self a morgue. A collection of resources you can always come back to visually stimulate you, and to reference from when creating your own work. For every Star Wars film, I have their artbook. It’s a great resource to see how the work evolves during a film production.

Misc. Art Books

I remember seeing Doug Chiang work in a 60 Minutes special on the Star Wars prequels, and I make sure to keep that name in my head. I picked up two copies of his artbook Mechanika (digital & physical). It’s a great resource for science fiction design, technical drafting and illustration techniques. If you love film posters from the Star Wars series and other Hollywood films, you owe your self to get Drew Struzan’s Oeuvre. Of course the greatest artist to work on Star Wars is Ralph MacQuarrie.


I didn’t have all the novels that were released but I remember getting a set of the Tales series. They were short stories about the characters you saw in the Star Wars films, told from another point of view. Shadows of the Empire I ended up buying the book, because I didn’t have an Nintendo 64 to play the video game. However I really liked the book and it was an interesting story that bridges the gap between Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi. My first ever audio book happened to be Star Wars : Inferno Squad. I was looking forward to playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, but got sold into reading / listening to the story. Interesting take on how the empire operated a tactical strike team.

I plan to pick up the artbook for Solo: A Star Wars Story after the film releases. I don’t want anything to spoil my expectations.